What is ZEGG Forum For?

Forum is for revealing the parts of ourselves that are under the surface.

Humans exist as a mass of complex desires, needs, emotions, perspective and experience.  Every piece of a person’s whole has value and wisdom.  However, people often only identify with, accept, or show certain parts that they consider acceptable.  The other parts are still there, often surfacing unexpectedly or in a chaotic, unaware way.  When a person resists one aspect of themself, that part is “marginalized” but still present – the resistance often gives that part even more power than it might have had.

Forum is for creating a space of compassion, love and trust.
In our culture, so many of us live in a state of separation from each other.  It is easy to forget how connected we are.  When we show ourselves in Forum we take our personal issues and show them on a human stage.  We see that every aspect of ourselves speaks to an aspect of human nature that we all share.  As we experience our sameness we grow in our ability to offer compassion to each other and to see others’ shadows not as a wound but as a piece we all carry.  We come to see that there is nothing inside of ourselves that needs hiding.


Forum is for transforming our communities and our organizations.
Forum was created to strengthen groups that live, work, and/or play together.  It was intended to help groups separate decision-making and conflict-solving from the process of making thoughts and intentions transparent.  Without trust, it may be too scary to reveal a concern or a creative idea.  When we know more about each other, we can give more of who we are to the creative process.


Forum is for revealing all of one’s self.

*  parts known to yourself but not your community
*  parts known to your community but not to yourself
*  parts known to no one