Relating Skills Workshops

Nearly every personal and working relationship has challenging moments.  What seems like a simple negotiation hits a landmine of feelings.  We make assumptions and react with aggression or avoidance.  We say yes when we mean no and no when we mean yes.  We hide our truth from each other but get upset when our needs aren’t being met.  Our relationships start to suffer.  Eventually we declare the situation hopeless, pull away, and finally decide to move on to start the process all over again somewhere else.  Sound familiar?

What a relief that it doesn’t have to be this way.  Healthy relationships are built on skills that can be learned and practiced.  In Relating Skills workshops, you’ll discover new options for handling difficult interactions.  We’ll practice concrete skills like managing challenging emotions, turning judgments to curiosity, setting clear and healthy boundaries, and communicating difficult feedback.

As we master these skills, we find that the conflicts that once meant the end of a relationship now can be welcomed at “constructive difficulties” signaling the beginning of a closer, more effective and/or intimate connection.

Relating Skills for Workplaces can help reduce office “politics”, make meetings more effective, reduce staff turnover, and increase productivity, creativity and proactivity.

Relating Skills for Communities can reduce conflicts among neighbors and community members, encourage stronger friendships, and make homeowners’ association or community meetings more pleasurable and efficient.

Emotional Intimacy Skills focuses on the skills we need for close and long-lasting intimate relationships and friendships:  reducing arguments and break-ups and increasing emotional safety and understanding.