Meetings can be enjoyable!

Through clarity, attentiveness and compassion, Debby helps organizations, businesses and communities move steadily toward a decision while efficiently bringing each voice in the room forward, creating an environment that values healthy relations.

In addition to facilitating your important meetings, Debby offers:

  • Advise on best practices to make your ongoing meetings more efficient and effective.
  • Help to groups in crisis- navigating through longstanding issues and conflicts to return to┬áhealthy and productive environments.
  • Mediation for interpersonal conflicts.
  • Facilitation training- for individuals, small groups or your whole organization.
  • Consensus from the Heart- a training in skills, necessary for consensus decision-making to be successful.
  • Relating Skills- a training that includes managing conflict, effective boundary-setting, navigating difficult emotion, effective communication, giving and receiving feedback and more.